Many corporations in the US have very generous matching funds programs where they match contributions made by their employees to charities. The contribution rates may vary, but a USD one-to-one policy seems to be the norm. There will typically be a ceiling per year (a few thousands dollars per employee, per year), but this ceiling is generally pretty high and gives the donor a good deal of flexibility in terms of amount to give and quantity of charities with which to work. Generally a 501(c)3 tax-exempt status is required from the corporation.

There may be some restrictions, but generally speaking, programs are very generous, and they offer you leverage: for each dollar you give, you receive the tax deduction, and when your employer gives an additional matching contribution, a much larger donation results for the Foundation (depending on your employer’s program).

If you are donating, please check with your employer to learn if such a program exists and how to get the Children of Peru Foundation benefit from it with your donation. You might be able to double the amount we actually receive!

Our EIN is: 20-4276630

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