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We live in times where we can declare that literacy is no longer an issue as long as we have access to the digital realm. Nowadays, an illiterate person is not one who cannot read or write, but one with no digital skills. 

The lack of access to hardware and software required for using technology make someone digitally illiterate. Individuals with limited or null digital literacy skills face several challenges in various aspects of life, including education, employment, and social interaction, as well as experiencing a marked gender equality gap. This disadvantage is particularly marked during periods of distance learning, or enforced isolation, like the one experienced during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

The Peruvian National Institute of Statistics and Informatics revealed a stark disparity in Internet access. The figures indicated that compared to 75.1% of houses in Metropolitan Lima, just 18.5% of rural households had Internet connection. Likewise, the 2023 education census conducted by the Peruvian Ministry of Education showed that there are 7 students per PC in secondary education, while in primary education the figure rises to 12 students per PC. This is even worse in communities located in the highlands and jungle of Peru.

This huge disparity highlights the digital divide that hinders equitable access to knowledge, education, and job prospects. Not only are educational opportunities limited, but also economic growth. Affected rural areas are less able to use digital services that can improve their lives, engage in e-commerce, or access online markets.

In response to the above, leading by example, not only the UKDT (UK Delivery Team) consisting of Mace, Arup, and Gleeds, has been working on the major infrastructure projects in Peru, but also has been helping to close the digital gap of the communities in need by providing tablets, PCs and data plans for students to access the Digital World. Now, the APMD project, which stands for “Abriendo las Puertas al Mundo Digital” (Opening the Doors to the Digital World), aims to improve educational and economic opportunities for communities with limited resources by implementing computer labs with Internet access in remote areas of Peru. The holistic approach of the project makes it possible to integrate students, teachers, communities, state-of-the-art technology, high quality educational content, knowledge sharing, and sustainability.

Two beneficiary communities are selected each year based on criteria of need, potential educational impact, as well as technical and logistical feasibility. The scalable model of the project and the lessons learned from previous implementations facilitate its replication and continuous improvement in other rural areas.

The success of the project calls for collaboration between local communities, educational institutions, volunteers, stakeholders, and sponsors to ensure its sustainability in time. Having said that, we invite you to be part of this ambitious and rewarding project by participating in the activities, direct donation, virtual tutoring, computer labs setup, community visits, amongst others.

For further information regarding this initiative, please visit www.apmd.site .

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