Thank you so much for contributing to Children of Peru!

Donate online with your credit card

You will be sent to our partner Paypal website where you will be able to use your credit card to make an immediate donation (in USD) in complete security. You will receive a confirmation email from Paypal and you will be redirected to our website. We will also typically acknowledge your donation with an email in the 24 hours following your gift.

Paypal Giving Fund

Using Paypal Giving Fund to make your donation allows us to receive 100% of the amount donated as Paypal covers all the fees. 

Monthly Donation

Set up a secure monthly donation via Paypal and make an ongoing commitment to supporting Children of Peru.
A small monthly donation can make a big difference to our programs.

Facebook Pay

Check our  Facebook page and donate through it. Facebook takes care of all the fees so that we can receive 100% of your donation. 

Mail us a check

Checks are to be drawn in dollars on a US bank and written to the order of “Children of Peru Foundation”, then mailed to our address:

Children of Peru Foundation

515 East 85th Street, Suite 11C 
New York, NY 10028  USA 

Donate shares

We accept donations in the form of stocks instead of cash. To donate stocks that’s appreciated in value is a “win-win” move: By donating appreciated stock that are “long-term holdings” (12 months) you will not have to pay capital gains taxes on the profit and the full value of the stock (ie the current value of the shares donated and not the price you paid for them) can be deducted as a charitable donation. Contact your tax adviser for full details. 

To donate stocks, please contact us directly at:  

Once you have donated, please don’t forget to think about possible  matching funds opportunities that might exist with your employer. It is an important source of funding for the Children of Peru Foundation.