1 We are not involved in politics nor in Peru, nor anywhere else. Our sole objective in all our activities is to make a difference in the lives of poor children in Peru in the areas of health and education.

2 We are truthful in all our communications. Our case stories, our photographs and everything we say is communicated in good faith and represents the truth. We will not minimize nor overstate the needs of the children that we assist.

3 We will not sell nor exchange, with any commercial enterprise or any other not-for-profit organization, the information we have on our sponsors, donors and contributors (emails list for example).

4 We are committed to keeping overhead, administrative and fund-raising costs to a minimum so that we can spend the maximum amount of received funds for the purpose for which they were given.

5 We do not, under any circumstances whatsoever, pay any commissions, finder’s fee, or percentages in our fund-raising activities.

6 We will not engage in any fundraising methods that could be misleading, intimidating or harassing, or that create an undue sense of obligation, such as mailing unsolicited merchandise.

7 We are committed to a policy of full disclosure of all relevant information regarding our goals, our programs, our grants, as well as our finances.

8 We are governed by a Board of Directors, whose members are serving without any compensation and do not have any financial or other conflict of interest with our objectives. We also receive advice from an Advisory Council, whose members are experts in various fields of activity.