Projects Financed in 2008: USD 51,600

With Samusocial Peru:

USD   7,000  Program to Fight against Tuberculosis in Huaycan
USD 14,000  Construction: Another 3 new class rooms in Huaycan

We continued our support of the Tuberculosis program. In our yearly visit to Huaycan, we met with the Doctor in charge and asked for statistics of results from our program. The impact of the program is very difficult to measure as they are no statistics from the situation before the implementation of our program.

The director of the Gustavo Mohme Unidad Educativa (high school - primary & secondary) in Huaycan contacted us to see if we were interested in doing a second building, very similar to the one done in 2006/07. Discussions began. Approvals came. The parents committed again to volunteer with all the foundation's work. The new building would be the same as last year: bringing 3 brand new class rooms to the children. And as last year, Samusocial Peru was responsible for the execution of the project. Cost was higher than last year as all construction material prices went up significantly but also because we took care of parts of the roof that were provided last year by the parents. We sent the money (USD 14,000) in December 2008 and works started almost immediately.
The building was inaugurated in April 09 after some construction delays.


With Medical Missions For Children (MMFC):

USD 30,600  Cuzco mission, providing free surgeries (cleft lips & palates) to poor kids

After financing MMFC's Cuzco mission in 2007, we decided to do it again in 2008. MMFC changed the date from October to May (request from local partner EsSalud) which gave us little time to raise the funds... But we got it done.

This year the mission started doing microtias (surgery of the ear, basically recreating a missing ear). Those surgeries are much longer than cleft lips & palates, like 3 hours instead of 30/60 minutes.

Learn more about MMFC and the Cuzco mission here


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