2014 Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon - June 1rst, 2014:

The Children of Peru Foundation is proud to be part of the official Charity Program of the legendary and iconic 2014 Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon in June 2014.

This allows us to provide guaranteed entries to athletes who commit to make a donation or raise funds totaling $1,500 or more for the Children of Peru Foundation.

                                     ****** SOLD OUT ******

Check our Alcatraz Triathletes:  

               Mario Adoc        Sarah Diegnan       Bo Williams       Hugo Fonseca
         Michael McCollum   Pascal Tourres   Christina Daniel     Pratima Gupta
     Roberto De Leon    Magnus Ragnarsson   Justin Sadrian  Megan Stuermann

                        Rodino Tucay              Dina Utter          Dan Roberts

A limited number of guaranteed spots are available, so sign up & join our team now!

How to Join the Team?

Email alcatraztriathlon (at) childrenofperu.org for registration forms.

Team Benefits

Official team tritop
Online fundraising tools
Registration fee for the race


Team Children of Peru participants are encouraged to set their own fundraising goals. We are asking for a $1,500 minimum, but why stop there? Every dollar you raise for the Children of Peru Foundation helps us fund our different programs for poor kids in Peru. We will use the dollars you raised to make a difference for poor children in Peru.

Please note that athletes gaining entry via charity partners have to meet their fund raising commitments. Applicants are required to provide credit card information as a guarantee. Failure to comply can result in entry cancellation.

"Can I join if I already have my entry to the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon?"

Runners who have already registered for the race (lucky at the lottery...) and want to join our team so that they can also run for a cause are more than welcome!! We are asking for a minimum fundraising commitment (or a payment by the runner) of $500 to support our projects and also make a difference for poor children in Peru.
Email alcatraztriathlon (at) childrenofperu.org for registration forms specifying that you already have your entry.

Why Run for the Children of Peru Foundation?

Since its creation, the Children of Peru Foundation has been working with several groups, association and NGOs to help poor children in Peru in the areas of health and education. We have built schools, we bought several ambulances, we are sending surgeons every year to provide free surgeries to children in need, we sponsor a school for special needs children and we want to do much more.

Whether you just cross the finish line or finish in record time, your participation in the iconic Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon will have made a difference in the lives of hundreds of Peruvian children and their families.

Email alcatraztriathlon (at) childrenofperu.org for more information and for registration forms. Please specify if you need a guaranteed entry or if you are already registered for the race.

Visit the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon website for information on the race route and rules.


Run for Peru!!