Yelena Filipchuk:

My fundraising goal: $2,000
Total raised so far:   $2,105

Welcome to my fundraising page for the 2012 NYC Triathlon. I'm am supporting the Children of Peru Foundation, a not-for-profit based in New York and dedicated to building a better future for poor children in Peru. The foundation raises funds to make grants to a select group of non-governmental organizations working in Peru to provide better healthcare & education for poor children.

You have 3 options for donating:

1. If you are a Googler, make your donation on the Paypal button directly to Children of Peru Foundation and fill out the match form here:

2. If you would like to use the donation as a tax deduction, use the Paypal button directly to Children of Peru Foundation and you will get the nonprofit 501c3 code below:

3. If you don’t need the tax deduction, you can make the donation directly to me on Paypal at ( and I will donate it through Google’s match program doubling your donation = if you donate $50 dollars, I will donate it through Google and it will turn into $100 dollars

Sorry, no cash donations!

You will be supporting:

1 Medical Missions For Children: Is a US based charity providing free quality surgical & dental services to poor children in various countries throughout the world. They organize a yearly mission to Cuzco & Cajamarca to provide free surgery (Cleft lips & palates as well as microtia) to poor children in Peru.

2 Samusocial Peru: With their two medical mobile units (the second one bought by the Children of Peru Foundation) they do regular tours in Huaycan (shantytown near the capital city of Lima), searching for any sick children to provide first aid medical services. A medical center ("La Estacion") was built in 2006 so that first medical help and social services can be provided in the center of Huaycan.

7 years ago I spent two weeks in Peru, two of the best weeks of my life. My dad and I went to many cities and villages of the Andes, rode the train up the Inca trail and spent time in Cusco. We became enchanted with the country, its people, the variety of landscape, the culture, and with the history. But while natural and cultural sights were unbelievably gorgeous and stunning, so was the poverty. While I never had the chance to go back, I know the poverty remains - in some ways it's gotten worse. That's why I chose the Children of Peru Foundation as my cause to support and to raise $2,000 for. As little as it may seem, for the children in Peru the money we raise can make an enormous difference.

I've traveled a lot as a kid and I've come to realize how lucky I've been growing up with caring parents and proper healthcare. But really, not everyone has this and I'm really motivated to make a difference in the lives of others so that they may have a better and healthier childhood

Y mi pobre intento de español:

Gracias por visitar esta página. Estoy participando en la New York City Triathlon para recaudar fondos por Los ninos de Peru.
El limitado acceso a la educacion y asistencia sanitaria de muchos niños en todo el mundo. Por ello, me siento orgulloso de colaborar con Children of Peru Foundation con la finalidad de obtener fondos para mejorar la salud y calidad de vida de muchos niños en Perú. Esta fundación ayuda a recaudar fondos para un selecto grupo de organizaciones no gubernamentales que trabajan activamente en Peru para mejorar la salud y educación de los niños pobres en Perú. Se que con nuestra donación no arreglaremos el problema, pero esta es una oportunidad para ser una pequeña parte de la solución. Muchas gracias por unirte a mi en esta causa.


$   75 Syed and Shegufta
$   18 Ben Saitz
$   50 Nuno Guerreiro
$   20 Anastassia Drofa
$     5 Stephanie Novick
$   20 Amy Khosla
$ 475 Google Matching Gift Program
$   30 Charles Cohn
$   25 Dr. Siegel and Aaron
$   25 William Smelko
$   50 Tom VanWaardhuizen
$ 100 Ray Beaulieu
$   30 Justin Maxson
$   20 Jana McClure
$   50 Natalia Rudkovskaya
$   50 Oleg Rudkovskii
$   40 Natalia Alexanina
$   10 Alla Aptekman
$   10 Vladimir Zavelevich
$   20 Larisa Turgel
$   20 John Moody
$   25 Brian & Maria Chew
$   20 Jessica Nussbaum
$   25 Xiwen Wang
$   50 Laura Unger
$   20 Svetlana Rayzman
$ 100 Joshua Curtis
$   20 Andrea M Garcia
$   50 Kourtney Washer
$   15 Lusi Morhayim
$   20 Yuriy Bolotin
$ 100 E.Y. Productions
$   20 Igor Pomelov
$     7 Aisha Heredia
$ 100 Milla McClellan
$   50 Monica Rehmann
$   10 Alexander Hudson
$   20 David Galczynski
$ 150 Martha Litas
$   20 Alexander Bernshtein
$   55 Elizabeth Finkel
$   20 Lubov Bel
$   20 Kirsten Ritschel
$   25 Genevieve Abedon
$   20 Francis Romano



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