Bin Yang:

My fundraising goal: $2,500
Total raised so far:   $2,150

Passion drives me and if you know me, I make that pretty clear in everything that I do. One of my passions is doing triathlons and I feel extremely privileged to participate in the 2012 New York City Triathlon. Iím partnering with the Children of Peru Foundation in order to help raise funds for the poor kids in Peru.

I'm aiming to raise at least $2,500 and hopefully more with your help!

I've traveled a lot as a kid and I've come to realize how lucky I've been growing up with caring parents and proper healthcare. But really, not everyone has this and I'm really motivated to make a difference in the lives of others so that they may have a better and healthier childhood. The Children of Peru Foundation is a great organization that provides funding for programs in Peru.

Look below to see how to donate but first here are two of the missions you will be supporting:

1 Medical Missions For Children: is a USA based 501c3 organization dedicated to providing free quality surgical and dental services to poor and under-privileged children in various countries throughout the world. They organize a yearly mission to Cuzco and another one to Cajamarca to provide free surgery (Cleft lips and palates as well as microtia) to poor children in Peru.

2 Samusocial Peru: With their two medical mobile units (the second one bought by the Children of Peru Foundation) they do regular tours in Huaycan (shantytown near the capital city of Lima), searching for any sick children to provide first aid medical services. A medical center ("La Estacion") was built in 2006 so that first medical help and social services can be provided in the center of Huaycan. 

There are two methods by which you can sponsor my NYC Triathlon participation and support this wonderful cause:

1 Click the link below to make a donation online through PayPal. You will get an email notification once you submit your donation, however, it will take about 24 hours to view your donation on the site.

2 Send a check made payable to Children of Peru Foundation (with Bin Yang written on the memo line) to:
Children of Peru Foundation
340 East 64th St. Suite 2G, New York, NY 10065

Sorry, no cash donations!

I'd love to see you come race day but if you can't make it, support an awesome cause and me, while bringing a smile to a kid in Peru.

Thank you!


$200 Bin Yang
$  30 Elizabeth Lorenzi
$  25 Victoria Docherty
$  25 Ryan Kang
$  10 Mohammad El-Haj Ahmad
$  15 Kyle Rapone
$  20 Amanda Hosang
$  25 William Litner
$  20 Gina Seguiti
$  75 Brian McGlade
$  25 Sofia Almanza
$  75 Matthew McManus
$  25 Daniel Nelson
$100 Matthew Hayward
$  25 Robert Park
$  25 Kathryn Fowler
$  20 Yuriy Zubovski
$  50 Bay Phillips
$  60 Christine Ibaraki
$100 Carol Choe
$100 Nathan Morris
$  10 Jenna Holloway
$  50 David Shapiro
$  30 Sergey Kalinin
$  10 Patrick Lee
$  25 Sehrish Khan
$  25 Ryan Lew
$123 Jeff Gates
Jingping Wang
$  25 Carlos Valle
$  50 Danielle Rosenfeld
$362 Bin Yang
$150 Douglas Longnecker


Run for Peru!!