Alejandra Rangel:

My  fundraising  goal: $2,000

Amount raised so far: $2,000

On July 8th, 2012, I will participate in the New York City Triathlon and I will run the race for the Children of Peru Foundation.

I am fundraising for the Children of Peru Foundation because as a Mexican-American, I am very aware of the inequality that burdens developing countries such as Mexico and Peru, and I think investing in childrenīs education is the essential tool for breaking this cycle.

I am proud to represent an organization that builds awareness and supports education in Latin-America!

Here are some ways to support my run and a great cause:

1 Click the link below to make a donation online through PayPal.

2 Send a check (in USD and from a bank in the USA) made payable to Children of Peru Foundation (with Alejandra Rangel written on the memo line) to:
    Children of Peru Foundation
    340 East 64th Street, Suite 2G
    New York, NY 10065

3 Sorry, but no cash donations!!

Tracking your donation and my goal:
A list of the donations I have received will be displayed on this website as the Foundation receives them.

All donations are 100% tax deductible in the US.

Many thanks for your support!!


$ 150 Alejandra Rangel
$ 200 Martha Smith
$   50 Cristina Rangel
$   15 Marcela Levy
$   15 Ana Casanueva Perochena
$ 300 Hector Rangel
$   15 Manuela Lisboa
$   50 Fernando Godard
$   10 Sylvia Sadowski
$   15 Anna Bladh Redzic
$   50 Santiago Gomez Mont
$   50 Ana Suarez
$   10 Claudia Vidal
$   15 Cecilia Diaz
$   25 Chenai Tucker
$   30 Ana Maria Barquin
$   50 Mateo Treviņo Heres
$ 200 Maria Riveroll Mendoza
$ 100 Elsa Pena
$ 250 Romelia Rangel
$   50 Fernando Pena Ancira
$   50 Fernando de Leo Spinola
$ 300 Alejandra Rangel



Run for Peru!!