Suzanne Wagor:

My fundraising  goal: $1,000

On March 18, 2012 I will be running in the New York City Half Marathon in support of the Children of Peru Foundation. As many of you know, I have been running races for seven years now, including my first marathon this past November.

This time Iíve decided that I want to use my running to help a good cause. As I looked through the list of charities for the NYC Half Marathon, the Children of Peru Foundation stood out to me. I had already decided that I wanted to help kids, and more specifically, through a cause that might not be known to many people. The Children of Peru Foundation helps kids through medical care and hygiene, as well as education. Please look at their website to see all the wonderful services they provide for children and their parents.

I hope that you will consider making a donation. Even the smallest amount will make a difference!

Here are some ways to support my run and a great cause:

1 Click the link below to make a donation online through PayPal

2 Send a check (in USD and from a bank in the USA) made payable to Children of Peru Foundation (with Suzanne Wagor written on the memo line) to:
Children of Peru Foundation
340 East 64th St. Suite 2G, New York, NY 10065

3 Sorry, but no cash donations!!

Tracking your donation and my goal:
A list of the donations I have received will be displayed on this website as the Foundation receives them.

Thank you for the generous support!


$   50 Suzanne Wagor
$   50 Jennifer Johnson
$   25 Monica Bunch
$ 150 Daniel Shelly
$   10 Emily Puntuzs
$   30 Yili Wang
$   10 Sarah Shellman
$   20 Bryan Stroh
$   25 Mary Kelly
$   50 Julia Benson
$ 200 Russell Bobbitt
$   10 Daphne Gerling
$ 200 Stephanie & John Wagor
$   10 Holly Miller - Have a great race Suzanne!
$   25 JM Strathman
$   75 Rene Crumley
$   35 Kristian Stevens
$   25 Elizabeth Campbell
$   50 Alma L Fernandez
$   30 Katie Kennedy
$   50 Gulrukh Gurevich
$   30 Timothy Shiu



Run for Peru!!