Hima Dasika:

My fundraising  goal: $1,000

Amount raised so far: $1,126

Dear Family and Friends:

As you know, I am a runner and in the past several years have ventured to run 5k and 10 miles races. This year, I decided to take another risk and challenge by registering for the NYRR NYC Half Marathon race (that's right 13 miles!!) taking place on March 18th.

There have been many charities who have partnered with NYRR, and I decided to support and fundraise for the Children of Peru Foundation because as you know my brother's, Jay Dasika, fiance, Victoria Guzman is from Peru and so it became dear to my heart when I found out that NYRR has decided to support this foundation. If I am going to make the effort to train and run 13 miles in three weeks, then, I want to help support children in Peru, who do not have the same opportunity to do this - as well as the opportunity to do many things in their lifetime because they do not have the financial means and as a result are deprived of basic needs such as healthcare and education - two things that every human being should have access to.

Children of Peru Foundation Mission: Children of Peru Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization incorporated by the State of New York in February 2006 dedicated to building a better future for poor children in Peru. We raise funds to make grants to a select group of non-governmental organizations working in Peru to provide better healthcare and education for poor children.

Please support me, by donating to this cause. MY GOAL IS $1,000 - PLEASE HELP ME ACHIEVE MY GOAL. Any donation small or large (even as as low as $5) would make a difference.

Here are some ways to support my run and a great cause:

1 Click the link below to make a donation online through PayPal

2 Send a check (in USD and from a bank in the USA) made payable to Children of Peru Foundation (with Hima Dasika written on the memo line) to:
Children of Peru Foundation
340 East 64th St. Suite 2G, New York, NY 10065

3 Sorry, but no cash donations!!

Tracking your donation and my goal:
A list of the donations I have received will be displayed on this website as the Foundation receives them.

Thank you for the generous support!


$   20 Bommasamudram Raghu
$     5 Sonia Kumar
$   25 Anu Mutluru
$   25 Kesha Parikh
$   50 Kishan Putta
$   25 Digant Dave
$   15 Shail Shah
$   25 Raman Vaidyanathan
$ 100 Ritu Singh
$   50 Jeanine Barry
$   50 Julia Kim
$   20 Raj Kale
$ 100 Vinod Dasika
$   50 Sonya Mazumdar
$   50 Samuel Tuluri
$ 100 VR Sanda
$   31 Sameer Shah
$   25 Jennifer Hsu
$ 100 Vijaya Dasika
$   50 Eduardo Vargas
$   25 Tekisha Harvey
$   20 Alan Cordova
$   40 Kelly Indrieri
$     5 Smita Chand
$   25 Danielle Richards
$   25 Marylou Giangaspero
$   30 Rao Tilak
$   40 Brad Sliwa


Run for Peru!!