Gabriel Roitman:

My fundraising goal: $5,000
Total raised so far:   $3,056

Last year, I ran both the NYC Half Marathon and the NYC Triathlon for the Children of Peru Foundation. I am doing the NYC Triathlon again this year.
Fundraising for such a great organization really got to me as I realized that I could leverage my passion for triathlons to truly make a difference for the children of a great country such as Peru.

The $3,500 I raised last year were used to finance a mission of doctors and surgeons to Cuzco who spent a week providing free surgeries to kids in need. 

This year, I hope to raise $5,000 for them.

I have donated $300 and this amount will be matched by Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation. Every dollar contributed by a DB employee will be matched by the bank's Foundation.

Please support me as I race the NYC Triathlon on July 8th, by donating to the Children of Peru Foundation. Click the link below to make a secure online donation through PayPal.

You will get an email notification once you submit your donation, however, it will take about 24 hours to view your donation on the site.

You can also send a check (in USD and from a bank in the USA) written to the Children of Peru Foundation (with Gabriel Roitman written on the memo line) to:
    Children of Peru Foundation
    340 East 64th Street, Suite 2G
    New York, NY 10065

Thank you for lending your support to this great cause. Your donation can make a difference in a child's life!

Thanks a lot for your help and support!


$  300 Gabriel Roitman
$  450 Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
$    30 Sebastian Marcilese
$    50 Ariel Kaplan
$  200 Alejandro Perez-Reyes
$    50 Matilde Attolico
$  300 Lori Gelhard
$  300 Craig Smith
$  300 Brigitte Posch
$  150 Jorge Ramos
$  140 Jose y Camila Majluf
$    50 Claudia Trosso
$    36 Julie Frank
$  200 Eduardo Sanchez Carrion

$  100 Gian Carlo Panzera
$  100 Carlos Arena
$  100 Goldman Sachs Foundation
$  200 Melvin Escudero



Run for Peru!!