Silvia Angulo:

My  fundraising  goal: $3,000

Amount raised so far: $3,000

Dear friends and family,

On March 18 2012 I had the amazing opportunity to run the NYC Half Marathon through beautiful Central Park and the exciting streets of Manhattan. The whole race was one of a kind experience for me. I felt great and got a PR (Personal Record) of 2 hours while I was running representing a beautiful foundation that helps the underprivileged Children of Peru. When I got to the finish line I knew I had found the right place to run my first FULL MARATHON and decided to be part of one of the most vibrant and exhilarating races in the world: The NYC Full Marathon 2012.

I had a dream and a goal, and was accepted to be running representing the Children of Peru Foundation on November the 4th, 2012.

My training started but unfortunately I was always feeling in pain and decided to seek medical attention. Soon after, I was diagnosed with a knee stress fracture and tendonitis and was prohibited from continuing with any physical activity using my legs for at least 6 weeks. At the moment I am doing physical therapy and feeling better and stronger but not yet ready to be back on time to finish my training program and be part of this amazing event.

It was very disappointing but I learned a lesson of patience and decided to recover, get healthier and stronger to be back on my feet running the NYC FULL MARATHON 2013. I am excited to share with you that I will be running next year and still representing the Children of Peru Foundation. However, honoring my commitment with the Children of Peru Foundation I am raising funds this year for this wonderful charity so they can continue working hard improving the living conditions of many needy children in Peru. Please help me to help them supporting me with your donations so I can make my dream come true running one of the most spectacular races in the world while we all help a great cause.

Any donation will be very much appreciated.

Here are some ways to support my run and a great cause:

1 Click the link below to make a donation online through PayPal

2 Send a check (in USD and from a bank in the USA) made payable to Children of Peru Foundation (with Silvia Angulo written on the memo line) to:
    Children of Peru Foundation
    340 East 64th Street, Suite 2G
    New York, NY 10065

3 Sorry, but no cash donations!!

All donations are 100% tax deductible in the US

Many thanks for your support!!


$1,000 Fred Fulton
$1,000 Jose Miguel Calderon
$1,000 Microsoft Matching Gift



Run for Peru!!