Hugues de Pins:

My  fundraising  goal: $  7,000
Amount raised so far: $13,202

Dear Friends & Family,

As far as I can remember, running a marathon has always looked to me as one of the most fascinating experience in a lifetime. I especially admired and envied all the people I know who ran these 26 miles on the streets of New York City. Thousands and thousands of participants, millions and millions of supporters. Et moi, et moi, et moi...?

I must confess, for those of you who do not know me so well, that I am not a real runner. The loneliness, the repetitiveness and the mandatory sacrifice of time tied to this demanding discipline have always discouraged me from any marathonian ambitions.

Then I met two people who totally changed my mind.

The first one is a dear friend who ran his first NY Marathon when he was 40 (the best age!) and his second one when he recently turned 60. His life and business ethic, his stainless steel mental, his faith in God and in human beings, his natural generosity gave a big boost to my desire to, at least, TRY IT.

The second one is Edouard Ruelle, Founder and President of the "Children of Peru Foundation", a charity dedicated to building a better present and future for poor children in Peru. I recently met with Edouard who, despite of being French (...), owns this very smart, engaged, entrepreneurial and committed to help kind of spirit. In 3 words: a true New Yorker! With an incredible energy and a high ethical approach, he and his Co-Founders are leveraging any possible ideas and efforts to raise funds, prospect and identify local initiatives in need of financial support, control their impact on the field and do it again and again, one year after the other. His passion is communicative. Their results are real. Their needs still big. By giving a sense to my marathon, he definitely convinced me to DO IT.

So, in short, during the next 2 months, I will be training for my first marathon and trying to raise $7,000 for the "Children of Peru Foundation". Please support my goal and donate as much as you would like to. Every single donation will count. Every message of support will count too. It is very simple, you just have to click on "DONATE" or send a cheque.

Donate by  credit card:
You can use your credit card and click the link below to make an online payment through Paypal.

Donate by check:
You can also send me (or directly to the Foundation) a check (in USD only & from a US bank only) written to the Children of Peru Foundation. Write my name at the bottom of the check so that your donation is recognized towards my goal.

Sorry, no cash donations!!

Tracking your donation and my goal:
A list of the donations I have received will be displayed on this website as the Foundation receives them.

Every morning, as I get up at 6am to wear my running shoes, I will sign on to check your donations and messages. This way, I won't be running alone... forever .

Many thanks!!!


$2,000 Roberto Chiapelloni
$   500 Edward Tonkin - Very nice of you Hugues. I am happy to support you and the children of Peru. I wish you much luck. Best, Eddy
$   100 William H Swanson - All the best from your friends in Boston!
$   500 Pierre-Henri Revault
$   100 Nathalie & Daniel Cotte - The physical challenge is impressive, the cause very worthy, well done Hugues and best of luck!
$   250 Ezra Bekhor
$   150 Nathalie & Nils Hoffet - Plein de courage pour le marathon Hugues!
$   100 David Vargo
$   100 Mathieu Bucaille
$   200 Louis Desazars
$2,000 Allen Mon
$   150 Marcus Magdelenat
$   150 Jerome Espinos
$   150 Inmaculada Barrero
$     50 Michael Groffenberger
$   500 Edward Dikes
$   130 James Seuss
$   750 Leon Adams
$     50 Jayne Gumpel
$   250 Mark Udell
$   500 Olivia Flatto
$     55 Christopher Hislop
$   500 Francis Cholle
$1,000 Michael Hopper
$     60 Francis Lesage-Catel
$     50 Cyrille Knudsen
$   100 Philippe de Pins
$   200 Arthur Ceria
$   100 Guillaume de Lesquen
$     90 Haim Malka
$     50 Jonathan Zadok
$   150 Anne France Charpy
$   500 Steven Leed - All of us at Royal admire your determination and dedication. Congratulations on pursuing this effort.
$     50 Amy Zhu
$     50 Arnaud de Pins
$   201 Jean Pierre Aubin
$     50 Ellen Sorensen
$     50 Daniel Adams
$     20 Ashley Schaffer
$   100 Josh Baer
$   100 Odile De Pins Bervialle
$   500 Jason Bosa
$   100 Chatelet Inc.
$   100 Larry Boland
$     50 Daren Gaussa
$     40 Kathryn Berry
$  26.2 Anonymous
$   100 Stanislas Formey de Saint Louvent
$   100 Christine Durand


Run for Peru!!