Alexa Lennon:

My  fundraising  goal: $2,000
Amount raised so far: $2,000

On Sunday, June 10th I will be racing in San Francisco's Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon. As if it wouldn't be enough to receive the satisfaction of working toward a goal, I get the opportunity to race specifically for the Children of Peru Foundation* by raising $2,000 (at least!) before the race even begins.

Though the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon** has been on my must-do list, I wasn't quite prepared for 2012 to be my year. But having recently uprooted and moved to San Francisco, I couldn't resist diving in and signing up. The opportunity to raise funds and race for a charity just gives me the exhilaration of crossing yet another finish line...only this one we can all cross together.

So, I hope if you can, you will help support my race to the starting line, but more importantly an incredible cause. I personally chose the Children of Peru Foundation because a big part of my heart is in Peru. I have traveled extensively throughout South America, and specifically fallen in love with the people and culture of Peru after three wonderful journeys there.

I have seen firsthand the poverty and dire need for help; it is true that a little bit here goes an exponentially long way there.

So much thanks to you all...from myself as an Escape From Alcatraz participant, and from the charitable hearts of the Children of Peru Foundation!

Here are some ways to support my run and a great cause:

1 Click the link below to make a donation online through PayPal. You will get an email notification once you submit your donation, however, it will take about 24 hours to view your donation on the site.

2 Send a check made payable to Children of Peru Foundation (with Alexa Lennon written on the memo line) to:
Children of Peru Foundation
340 East 64th St. Suite 2G, New York, NY 10065

Sorry, no cash donations!

Thanks a lot for your help and support!


$   100 Alexa Lennon
$     30 Carla Abraham
$     50 Simon Parsons
$     20 Tama Anderson
$     50 Ken Barton
$  100 Susan Stevens
$99.99 Brandon Knowlden
$100.01 Ryan Stevens
$     25 Michael Word
$     20 Rosanna Moncrief
$     25 Abigail Bird
$     50 Kevin Probst
$     15 Amy Drake
$     25 Lotus Effects LLC
$     25 Paul Blagay
$     20 Angela Saxby
$   200 Damian Wilbur
$     80 Anna Johansson & Philip Paradi
$   100 Brent Andrus
$   100 Phil Johnson
$     50 Ryan Anderson
$  7.21 Maureen Hauptman
$   100 Michael Stevens
$   558 Xena Lexa


The Children of Peru Foundation provides funding for programs in Peru such as the Medical Mission for Children (MMFC) , which provides surgical and dental services to children with cleft palates among other health issues; Samusocial Peru, an organization that provides mobile medical assistance to underprivileged areas in Peru; as well as other projects. For more information, check out this website

Check out the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon website and enjoy reading the dramatic (though sadly not overly so) description of the race course.



Run for Peru!!